Before & After #16

Liz is no stranger to the blog at all. It's also no secret she loves the Twilight series. And if I'm being honest, well, I definitely prefer the before photo. But I'm limited on the photos I've got with me while blogging today, and this was one I happened to have some fun with. I gave her a vampire look. You know...a scarf wearing vampire. Enjoy - and may it inspire to step outside of the box a little. ;)

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(The portrait oriented version of this photo is my favorite!)

Canon 5D w/ Canon 50mm f/1.4 @ f/2.8, 1/500 sec, ISO 800, Edited in Photoshop CS3

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  1. You really do beautiful work! He, he, Twilight, eh? Maybe if you're ever bored you could PS in some sparkles ;) This is a beautiful pic and I love the unique angle of it!

  2. Fellow Twilight junkie. I actually prefer the before shot as well because that yellow scarf looks great with her hair and the leaves. However, I do like the edit as well. Very different. Nice!

  3. I found you through pixel perfect. This is a great photo, really well done.

  4. Very pretty! You do a great job with your photos.