World Photography Day / Sisters & Best Friends

Happy World Photography Day 2011! Didn't know about it? Yeah, me either til my best friend emailed me earlier today! World Photography Day is for you to realize how special photographs are. And that they are - very special. I remember digging through boxes of albums that my grandmother has...seeing all the photos from our vacations (that we'd also videotaped), photos of my great grandparents when they were my age now, photos of family weddings & birthdays. Polaroids. Black & whites. Some what we now call "vintage" coloring. But all with one thing in common - preserving history. And the cool thing about photographs? You print them...and in 10, 25, 50, 100 years... you've still got that print. Those videotapes from vacation? I don't even know if we have anything to play them on anymore. Print those photos out y'all!

Thanks to my sister & my best friend for heading out to this field with me recently. I just knew they were going to mow it soon, and sure enough, they did yesterday. Sarah & Amanda have seen lots of time in front of my lens, and I'm thankful to them for helping me get to where I am today!

Sarah, Me, & Amanda

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