Thanksgiving 2011

Today is the day of the year we give thanks, but there's a list of specific things I'm thankful for that changes daily. Every day I'm thankful for the big things... Life, love, family, and health. And right this second I'm thankful for the little things, like, My phone for allowing me to post this right now. Every year I'm thankful for all of you who continue to share your memories with me and invite me to freeze them in time for you.

And in the last 24 hours, I'm thankful that we have the types of friends that will stand with you in the cold until 2AM when your truck won't start, waiting for the type of father in law who will come get you at that time of night. Those sorts of mishaps don't really discriminate on what days of the week or holidays they choose to show up on. But that's ok...because at that point, I'm also thankful we've got other vehicles to get us to Thanksgiving lunch today. Oh yes, Thanksgiving lunch. Thanksgiving lunch and handwritten place cards.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all! Be safe in your travels today. And thank you for your support this year.

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