Monday Mishmash #20 / Happy New Year!!!

 Where oh where did 2012 go?! My goodness it was pretty good. It just went by too fast! I got to see many old friends this year, and made many new friends too. I ate more cupcakes than any one person should. I went speeding around race tracks. And we expanded our family by one cute 4 legged furry son. Over the last 4 years, business has pretty much doubled every year. And I cannot wait for 2013 to continue that trend! Thank you all very, very much for continuing to allow me to do what I love. Preserving your memories puts a smile on my face, and I couldn't do it without each and every one of you.

So what's new around here?

You can now comment on blog posts via facebook. That was a long time coming, but with so much customized coding here, it made getting it to work difficult. But it's there now! Whew!

Portrait session packages are changing for 2013. I got so much joy in sending you all your prints this year instead of just a disk that you may or may not ever make printed copies of, that we're going to continue that into 2013 and beyond, only bigger and better. That's right - more print credit and/or larger prints depending on which package you choose.  Select wedding packages will also now include an album.

*Book a 2012 package between now & January 7th to receive $25 off the session fee before the new prices & packages go into effect!!*

Annnnnd, you can now opt to receive your purchased digital files via USB drive instead of a dvd. Both options are available!

I still have a few 2012 sessions to post on the blog, but I ended my year with this little princess below. Oh she made it so easy for me.

See you in 2013 folks!! Be safe tonight.


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