2012 / The Blog Year In Review

Let's do a quick countdown of the most popular posts of 2012! A quick glance at the list tells me what your three favorite things are...weddings. before and afters. and soon to be mamas! So here's what you guys and gals look at most this year. I blame pinterest on two of the top three spots. :) Starting with #10...

10 - The Gassiott Sisters

9 - Jenna & Derek's Wedding

8 - Newborn Composite Before & After

7 - Sophia's One Year Before & After

6 - Chris & Christy's Wedding

5 - A Special Mother/Daughter Session

4 - Mandi & Chad's Maternity Session

3 - Taryn & Andy's Maternity Session

2 - Zach & Jody's Workshop

And the most viewed session on the blog this year was.....

The Miller Family

And an honorable mention goes to The Simpson's Christmas session. Because they haven't even been there a month and came thiiiiiis close to making the top 10.


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