The Wilsons / Houston, TX Photography / At Home With Cookies and Wine!

This was one of my favorite sessions of 2012. And I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that they sent me home with a bag of cookies. It's because the whole idea was just so...FUN. Nevermind how gorgeous they are, and how sweet they are together, or the beautiful house. Laura initially had 3 ideas. An at home session around the house/yard/cooking in general, playing golf together, or just somewhere outdoors in general. Well, with the first two ideas so personal, I knew just anywhere outdoors simply wouldn't do. I have done the golf thing, and while I'd love to do it again, something just screamed shoot at the house! Then while confirming details, Laura said she wanted to bake cookies and drink wine. I about died in excitement! I really had every intention of making it to the golf course as well, but we had so much fun at the house. SO much fun, that I have to break this session into two posts. So here's a peek into Laura & Brandon's charming home. So what if we forgot to put the apron on until later...

Check back later for the 2nd half of the session, still at home, but minus the cookies and wine. It's just as fabulous. Promise!


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  1. love, love all that light in the kitchen. these are beautiful. :-)