Alysse / 9 Months

There seemed to be an ongoing theme with Alysse's sessions...holidays! We had our first session on Fourth of July. Our second one for Halloween. And here we were preparing for Valentine's day. Alysse made the cah-uuuutest valentine. She once again braved the cold like a pro, and kept her personality on display. She's the sweetest! And if you like her bows, check out her mom's shop on etsy : Luneberry!

 photo A2-2.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-2.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-6.jpg

 photo A3-2.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-9.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-15.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-17.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-18.jpg

 photo A4-2.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-27.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-31.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-34.jpg

 photo A5-1.jpg

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 photo Alysse9m-44.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-48.jpg

 photo A7.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-51.jpg

 photo Alysse9m-41.jpg

 photo A8.jpg


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