Evan & Lauren / Houston, TX

I went to Evan & Lauren's house and couldn't wait to see how much she had grown! Evan was ready to model his cowboy attire, complete with a stickhorse & daddy's childhood belt. And Lauren had some nostalgia of her own to bring to the table with her blankie & mom's baby clothes. Can't wait for another session with these two - they're too cute!

Sentimental Cowboy

 photo EL3.jpg

 photo EL-3.jpg

 photo EL4.jpg

 photo EL5.jpg

 photo EL6.jpg

 photo EL-25.jpg

 photo EL1.jpg

 photo EL7.jpg

 photo EL8.jpg

 photo EL-49.jpg

 photo EL-52.jpg

 photo EL-54.jpg

 photo EL-57.jpg

 photo EL-58.jpg

 photo EL-59.jpg


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