Erin & Brian / Houston, TX Engagement

Erin & Brian are getting married in June - and I'm super excited they chose us to photograph it for them! I also cant wait to see Erin's dress for her bridals next month! We originally planned to photograph these engagements at the location of their first date, but sadly, no one would get back to us :( So Erin asked if we could just wonder the streets of downtown - and that's exactly what we did! I think they turned out great just the same, even if alot of the laughs were at my expense for being in a silly hyper mood that day :)

Downtown Houston Engagement Photography

 photo ErinBrian-3.jpg

 photo EB1.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-18.jpg

 photo EB2.jpg

 photo EB6.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-32.jpg

 photo EB5.jpg

 photo EB4.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-37.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-45.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-48.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-54.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-58.jpg

 photo EB9.jpg

 photo EB8.jpg

 photo ErinBrian-63.jpg

 photo EB7.jpg


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