Brandy & Corey Part 2

If you missed part one last week, go catch up ;)  Brandy had lots and lots of ideas for their engagement session. Mustaches. Baseball jerseys. Military. Mustangs. and Paint. Cannot forget the paint. We probably over did it, but how many times are you engaged and visiting your photographer friend in Houston? Mk? I wish we'd have had time to hit up a baseball field for the jersey pictures, but it's all cute just the same!  Enjoy the less serious photos this go 'round.

 photo BC-28.jpg

 photo BC-36.jpg

 photo BC4.jpg

 photo BC-32.jpg

 photo BC-49.jpg

 photo BC5.jpg

 photo BC-66.jpg

 photo BC-69.jpg

 photo BC-85.jpg

 photo BC-86.jpg

 photo BC-70.jpg

 photo BC6.jpg

 photo BC7.jpg

 photo BC-88.jpg

 photo BC-89.jpg


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