Traci & John / Hotel Zaza Houston Wedding Photography

      I had a great time at Traci & John's engagement session, so I knew the wedding at Hotel Zaza was going to be aaawesome. It was. No exit in the BMW, but I love the elevator shot just the same :) The decor, the dress, Traci & John - everything was beautiful. Ring shot? One of my favorites. I still look at the chandelier shots and can't believe I took them. Ah! Special thanks to Michael Monreal for 2nd shooting this wedding with me too!

 photo TJW4-1.jpg

 photo TJW17-1.jpg

 photo TJW53-1.jpg

 photo TJW22-1.jpg

 photo TJW37.jpg

 photo TJW56-1.jpg

 photo TJW63.jpg

 photo TJW72-1.jpg

 photo TJW90.jpg

 photo TJW96-1.jpg

 photo TJW103.jpg

 photo TJW128.jpg

 photo TJW131-1.jpg

 photo TJW164-1.jpg

 photo TJW180.jpg

 photo TJW208-1.jpg

 photo TJW219-1.jpg

 photo TJW229-1.jpg

 photo TJW259.jpg

 photo TJW281-1.jpg

 photo TJW305-1.jpg

 photo TJW325.jpg

 photo TJW337-1.jpg

 photo TJW352.jpg

 photo TJW384.jpg

 photo TJW405.jpg

 photo TJW427.jpg

 photo TJW428.jpg


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