Hayden's One Year Cake Smash Session / The Kemah Boardwalk

          The Haydenator here recently turned 1. Wait, no, 6 months isnt recent is it. I'm trying to get caught up dangit! No really tho, Mom tags him as #thehaydenator on instagram. I chuckle every time I see it. There was a storm rolling in, but we shot anyway and took the last shots just in time. Just in time before we got poured on and just in time before Hayden was over the whole cake thing. ;) Had a blasty blast with these three as always!

 photo Hayden11.jpg

 photo Hayden14.jpg

 photo Hayden16.jpg

 photo Hayden17.jpg

 photo Hayden19.jpg

 photo Hayden110.jpg

 photo Hayden115.jpg

 photo Hayden118.jpg

 photo Hayden123.jpg

 photo Hayden126.jpg

 photo Hayden128.jpg

 photo Hayden131.jpg

 photo Hayden133.jpg

 photo Hayden136.jpg

 photo Hayden137.jpg

 photo Hayden141.jpg

 photo Hayden145.jpg

 photo Hayden146.jpg


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