Monday Mishmash / 2 /

Hope you enjoyed last week's very first installment of Monday Mishmash! I'd like to point out that I blogged every day Monday-Friday last week. Uh - I can barely believe it. This new weekly thing + the before and afters on Thursday every week are really helping me out to keep this going. So here we go again!

/ girl scouts /
I was a girl scout when I was growing up. In a very small troop. I remember baking a homemade apple pie for one of my badges, and I've haven't baked one since. But I always enjoyed cookie time. And still do. I have tore up some lemonades. And those peanut butter things....Justin ate a whole box in like 10 minutes. So if you're selling any next year - holla!

/ ipods /
Between the two of us, Justin had at one point 7 separate portable mp3 players. I don't really know why. 2 of those were iphones, 1 was a zune. Justin has now lost his shuffle. And I think my nano's battery just crapped out. It plays if I have it plugged in, but the second I unplug it, it turns off. See - I have one of the super duper lots of memory space ipod classics with every song and video I have on it. Over 3000. The nano - well, it has about 150 songs on it that I could listen to over and over and over again without ever clicking the next button while it's on shuffle. And that's why I love having so many ipods. Because it's just too easy to make a playlist no?

/ our armed forces /
 If you didn't read about the Salute to Our Heroes event...go. go now. I was roaming through my dvr yesterday and found an episode of Extreme Home Makeover that I somehow missed from a couple weeks ago. This was the episode where they went to Ft. Hood to surprise one of the guys that was shot 4 times on 11/5/2009 during that horrible day. I was in tears. The entire hour. Then Brandy told me to watch Coming Home and well I havent stopped weeping all day. God bless our troops.

Amidst all the tears I shed Sunday for various reasons (all happy stories really!), I was sitting there going through rodeo pictures while Justin worked on my sister's laptop...and this bull was cracking me up! Have a good week y'all!


  1. He looks CRAZY mad LOL nice shot!

  2. i love the monday mishmash! :) and i like when you blog daily!