A Very Special Family Session / Kris, Ashley, George, & Oskar

This session was beautiful. The people - inside and out. The styling. The meaning behind it. Ashley asked me to take some family portraits for them so she could use them in their adoption portfolio. It was an absolute pleasure & honor to assist Kris & Ashley in expanding their family. After numerous doctor visits and IVF treatments, Kris & Ashley have made the decision to adopt. The road to that decision was not an easy one, and with Ashley's permission to share with you all, I'd like you to read their story on her blog.  She brought along some great props to use. I'm not even sure if I can call them props because they are actually such meaningful items in their lives. Kris & Ashley's love for each other is so apparent, and I know they are going to be amazing parents. And I can't wait to meet the little one!

The book below was their first baby gift! And I dont think the title could be any more perfect.

Edit: They've finally brought home their baby girl!
Meet Emeline
Emeline at 3 Months
Emeline at 6 Months
Emeline's 1st Christmas

The yellow blanket here was made by Ashley's grandmother. And the book they're reading? Well that's Ashley's favorite - Leaves of Gold, from her great grandmother.

Meet Oskar & George!

This banner says everything in one word. Ashley asked me to take this photo so she could blow it up for their guest room.

As soon as she told me she was bringing this banner in particular - I immediately imagined this photo in my head, and I love it.

Just look at the way he looks at her...


  1. these are amazing! congrats on the adoption!

  2. this is probably one of my favorite sessions you have done!

  3. where were these shot at? Absoultely love them!

  4. Love these! What a sweet family and precious Mini-Schnauzers! :)