Monday Mishmash / 13

How 'bout that...I'm bringing Monday Mishmash back on the 13th of February and this is Monday Mishmash post #13. Ha. I'm a dork for pointing that out. I make no guarantees that I'm actually going to post every Monday...but hey, i'll do what I can.

Banquet / Saturday night was the Cy-Creek Cheerleader banquet. My sister invited me, so I said ok, and then promptly found out it was at Dave & Buster's. Is that the norm these days? My goodness, 10 years ago, in my equally if not larger highschool...our band banquet was held in the school cafeteria. It was all good tho, I had almost 18,000 coupons left over from our bachelor/bachelorette party and I was finally able to spend them. I got a blender. Happy belated wedding present to us!

Burritos / I'm fairly certain that if photography ever stops workin' for me, that I could become a secret shopper for Chipotle. I love it so. Justin's a freebirds kind of guy (eh). But we tried Bullritos for the first time every yesterday (only because Jimmy Johns was filled to capacity), and I'll say, I dig it. The meat doesn't have as much flavor as Chipotle (I like spice, what can I say), but they use a different cheese and have the option for a wheat tortilla. Oh, and the chocolate chip cookie was super delish. Chipotle is still numero uno, but I think Justin and I have found a compromise with Bullritos!

Rain /'s crampin' my style. And my grass better be green this summer because of it. On top of having to reschedule's just not very inspiring (although I can see how it could be to some folks). I suppose I wouldn't frown on it so much if it would just stop teasin' me. It's been raining like every other day, and only allowing me to enjoy my clean black car for a single day, all while leaving us with a roller coaster of temperatures. It was sleeting yesterday, and it'll be in the 70's tomorrow. Yes, really.

But on that note - check out the one day my car was clean (yesterday)!

Have a good week y'all!

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