La Tranquila Ranch Wedding Photography with Samantha & Richard

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to second shoot a wedding with Ever After Photography again. This time it was at a new venue on gorgeous property, La Tranquila Ranch. I've come to like 2nd shooting just as much as being the main shooter...but for entirely different reasons. I get to hang out with the dudes when I 2nd shoot, where as normally I'm with the girls. I get to shoot the ceremony with different lenses than I normally would, and from new angles, focusing mostly on the groom. I get to photograph reception details before the guests move them out of place. I don't have to edit the photos at all, unless I feel like blogging them. (but I like editing too much to just leave them sitting there!) And I plain enjoy capturing shots for a bride and groom I've never met, knowing I'm giving them even more memories of their special day.  

Samantha & Richard had quite a celebration. There ceremony happened at sunset, leaving us with just enough light for formal portraits. I got to experience my first Aggie War Hymn at a wedding reception, complete with a Texas A&M cake. The toasts were emotional and full of happy tears. And the dancing...ooooh the dancing. Everyone had a great time!

To see their wedding story in it's entirety, please visit Krystal's post on the Ever After Photography blog. Thanks for inviting me Krystal!

Every venue should have a landscape of rocks for posing groomsmen. :)

This photo is why all outdoor ceremonies should happen at sunset :)

I just loved this one with the mom's watching!


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  1. You did a fab job as always! Love your blog post, thanks for everything!