Gonzales Family / Mila at 8 Months!

So I *may* have celebrated Mila's first birthday last weekend. And while on the blogging roll I had been on for a couple weeks, I realized I never blogged this session! So rewind to April, and checkout some of my favorite photos of some of my favorite people :)

 photo Mila7M2.jpg

 photo Mila7M3.jpg

 photo Mila7M6.jpg

 photo Mila7M7.jpg

 photo Mila7M8.jpg

 photo Mila7M10.jpg

 photo Mila7M15.jpg

 photo Mila7M19.jpg

 photo Mila7M20.jpg

 photo Mila7M25.jpg

 photo Mila7M27.jpg

 photo Mila7M29.jpg

 photo Mila7M35.jpg

 photo Mila7M37.jpg

 photo Mila7M38.jpg

 photo Mila7M40.jpg

 photo Mila7M43.jpg

 photo Mila7M46.jpg

 photo Mila7M47.jpg

 photo Mila7M50.jpg


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