Liz - My Muse, and Miki

Before I even opened the blog to start writing, I looked at some of the older shoots of my sister Liz from the last two years. As much as she's grown & evolved, well, so has my photography. Both are so great to see. It's no secret that I frequently pull Liz away and ask her to round up some friends to let me practice with. I honestly don't think I'd be where I'm at today if it wasn't for her. She helped me start on this journey and has continuously propelled me along the way. So when I decided to go check out a new spot (which I ended up disliking), I had her call up her interested in photography friend Miki, who also inspires me. She has such great ideas at her age, and executes them quite well, and I can only imagine where I'd be if I'd have had the head start in my teenage years that she does. After we left the not so perfect location we'd set out for in the first place, we happened upon a very special gem of a spot, that couldn't have been more perfect for the photographs I imagined in my head.



  1. It seems like fairies should be floating around that photoshoot! Love the location and love the photos!

  2. that's funny! Before i hit publish and rewrote a few sentences - I actually had written that they seem like fairies out there! LOL